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From Kuni <>
Subject updating datamodel using af:table
Date Fri, 28 Jul 2006 21:07:06 GMT

i'm developing a jsf page which display's a 'simple' table, and the 
table content and layout depends on several properties. the user could 
change these properties on the same jsf, which should updates the 

the jsf consists of two parts.. one main-jsf which display some input 
and select-fields for updating the values... and the <af:table> which is 
included by <jsp:include"<%= session..getA....%.>". >

the table columns are like:
<af:table ...>
    <column rendered="#{map['key']!=null}">...
    <h:outputText ../>
to provide content-dependent columns. :)

when the properties where changed (via input fields)...a db-query is 
executetd to update the table content (datamodel)
the new table could have more or less columns an the table should be 
completely updates... but an indexOutOfBound Exception will be thrown... 
when the <table> component tries to display a columns-which not 
exists...(in the new table..)

how can i 'reset' the that the table is rendered again using 
the new columns....

..any ideas?


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