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From Scott O'Bryan <>
Subject Re: PPR and session timeout
Date Tue, 18 Jul 2006 22:00:57 GMT
Oooohhh.  You're trying to prevent the session from timing out?  You can 
use the poll component I suppose or you can set your server up so that 
sessions don't time out for a REALLY long time.  You probably want them 
to time out eventually.


Cosma Colanicchia wrote:
> Venkata,
> maybe I'm not getting your point, by in my script I'm trying to avoid
> a "full page refresh". As I'm trying to keep my app as "session
> timeout-proof" as possible, I use full client state saving and almost
> all my managed bean are request scoped. Said that, I want the original
> request parameters (so including the serialized component tree state)
> to pass throught the login process, and because that was a PPR
> requests I cannot simply load it as it was the main page (PPR response
> seems to me to be potentially incomplete, only including the required
> html elements and the code to replace them in the outer window). Even
> knowing exactly what makes a request a "PPR" one, I'm not sure that it
> is possible to safely revert it to a full request.
> So my solution was to simply have the login page showed someway, but
> without breaking the usual PPR process, so the popup that submit
> itself again into the _pprIFRAME. I had no full success with it,
> because sometimes after the login the original action (a list sort,
> for example) doesn't get executed, and the user must click again. I've
> not researched the reasons of this.
> Regards
> Cosma

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