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From "Matthias Wessendorf" <>
Subject Re: Tag renaming proposal
Date Fri, 16 Jun 2006 21:31:45 GMT

some comments inline.

> been using a pretty rigorous pattern:
> <component-family><Renderer-type>
> ... which is good for JSF experts, but not necessarily great for
> first time users.

I think the simpler the better is a good approach. The goal of
Trinidad is not to address only JSF experts. Since JSF tries to
simplify the "Java Web development" our components should have also
simple names, however.

> Some of the ideas to simplify this:
> - Omit component-family in some cases (esp. "object")
> - Use supertype for component families in others (esp.
>      "input" instead of "selectInput" and "panel" instead of
>      "showOne" or "decorate")
> - Improve renderer-type names (esp. add "Layout" to
>    panels that perform layout)
> - Occasionally, just pick names that are one-offs that are clearer.

removing "object" from "objectImage" (for instance) is definitly a good thing.
Since some components perform layout, a "Layout" should be added!
What to me was totally confusing is the "selectInputDate".

+1 on having these guys named "inputDate". In a component palett I was
always looking for inputDate and then I figured out, that guy is
called selectInputDate.

> Old Name            New Name
> ------------------  ---------------
> decorateCollection  panelCollection
> navigationLevel     navigationPane
> navigationPath      breadCrumbs
> navigationTrain     train
> objectIcon          icon
> objectImage         image
> objectMedia         media
> objectSeparator     separator
> objectSpacer        spacer
> panelBorder         panelBorderLayout
> panelForm           panelFormLayout
> panelGroup          panelGroupLayout
> panelHorizontal     panelHorizontalLayout
> selectInputColor    inputColor
> selectInputDate     inputDate
> selectInputText     inputLOV
> showOneAccordion    panelAccordion
> showManyAccordion   panelAccordion (merge with showOneXyz)
> showOneChoice       panelChoice
> showOneRadio        panelRadio
> showOneTabs         panelTabbed

what does the "LOV" by inputLOV mean?

The proposed names sounds reasonable.
"breadCrumbs" is interesting.

I guess Martin, Thomas and Ernst will like their "Brösel".

   Or that guy who invented the comic Werner :)


> There's no deadline for feedback, but sooner would be better. :)
> Thanks in advance,
> Adam

Matthias Wessendorf
Aechterhoek 18
48282 Emsdetten
mail: mwessendorf-at-gmail-dot-com

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