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From Jeanne Waldman <>
Subject Re: Help configuring skins please
Date Tue, 27 Jun 2006 17:13:12 GMT
Hi Jimmy,

Wasn't there  a 'adf-faces-config.xml' file already in the demo project?
Can you send what the <skin-family> entry is in adf-faces-config.xml?
Can you send the adf-faces-skins.xml file entry for the beach skin?
Does the 'beach' directory with the .css file and icons exist in your 
demo directory?

- Jeanne

Jimmy Kemp wrote:

>We have a copy of the adf demo working and can change skins quite happily.  
>We then created an adf  project using the Trinidad Archetype, which worked
>Now trying to add skins is causing us grief.  We have add the skins resource
>folder from the adf demo project and added the files 'adf-faces-config.xml',
>'adf-faces-skins.xml'  as they appear in the adf demo - except we are trying
>to point to the 'beach' skin.
>We are missing some part of the configuration and are not sure what.  Any
>help would be appreciated.

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