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From Jeantine Mankelow <>
Subject Partial Page Refresh doesn't work as expected for a selectOneChoice if using request scope beans
Date Tue, 27 Jun 2006 05:20:08 GMT
There seems to be some optimisation going on that is stopping a partial page refresh to be
triggered if the user selects the initial value the select box was rendered with.
This is a problem for us as we are using request scope beans.  Imagine the page is rendered
with the value of the select being "x", the user changes the value to "y" and  a partial page
refresh is triggered.  However when the user changes the value back to "x" no refresh is triggered
as as far as the backing bean is concered, as we are in request scope, the value is already
"x", and therefore no refresh is necessary.

To my mind this means that we can't use the partial page refresh with selects.  Does anyone
have any solutions that don't involve moving our beans to session scope.


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