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From Arnaud MERGEY <>
Subject af:selectBooleanCheckbox converter problem
Date Tue, 20 Jun 2006 10:08:26 GMT

Why converter method  getAsString is not called in selectBooleanCheckBox 
component ?

In my page with this tag

<af:selectBooleanCheckbox label="test boolean"

I have a String representation of boolean in my bean (getBoolean return 
"0" if false end "1" if true)
My converter convert in getAsString "0" into "false" and "1" into "true" 
and vice versa (getAsObject).

Checkbox is never checked when getBoolean return "1", so I have debugged 
my application and I can see than getASString is never called.
getAsObject is called normally when my form is submitted.

How can I configure selectBooleanCheckBox to call converter getAsString ?

thanks for help

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