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From "Ramazan VARLIKLI" <>
Subject selectManyShuttle and SelectManyList
Date Fri, 05 May 2006 11:46:21 GMT
In documents 
"The selectManyShuttle component provides a mechanism for selecting
multiple values from a list of values by allowing the user to move items
between two lists. The "value" attribute of the selectManyShuttle, like
any other selectMany component, must be a List or array of values that
correspond to a value of one of the contained SelectItems. If a value of
one of the SelectItems is in the List or array, that item will appear in
the trailing list. Looked at another way, you can change a
selectManyListbox directly into a selectManyShuttle; instead of the
"value" driving which items are selected in the listbox, it affects
which items appear in the trailing list of the shuttle."

But I create a list includes student number and their names 
For example

If I have select some student with the selectManyShuttle, it gives
selected items index in the leading list,but the selectManyList gives
student number.

I want student number with selectManyShuttle but I can't

What do I have to do?

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