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From "Frank Felix Debatin" <>
Subject af:inputText disabled server-side vs. client-side
Date Thu, 25 May 2006 12:34:42 GMT

I have something like:

<af:selectCheckBox value="#{data.enabled}"/>
<af:inputText id="text" disabled="#{data.enabled}"

If the user checks the check box, the text field should be
enabled respectively disabled. So far, I used autoSubmit,
which worked, but is somehow clumsy and fell through in our
usability review. 

I replaced this with some client-side Javascript, 
onclick = "
	x = document.getElementById('text');
      x.disable = (this.value==1);
  	x.className = ...;"

Unfortunately, it seems that fields that have been disabled
on server-side, cannot be reenabled on client-side: the
input text just doesn't submit any value! 

What could I do? Maybe there is something like:

	 adf_enable_input_text('text', true)

Frank Felix

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