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From Gabrielle Crawford <>
Subject Re: commandNavigationItem: Propose adding a 'visited' attribute...
Date Wed, 18 Oct 2006 00:06:28 GMT

Jeanne Waldman wrote:

> +1. This sounds good to me. I've always wanted the model to control 
> visited.
> Pavitra Subramaniam wrote:
>> Hello,  I would like to propose adding a 'visited' attribute to the 
>> commandNavigationItem component. This attribute is relevant only when 
>> used within the train component.  We currently have an inaccurate way 
>> of figuring out if a stop has been visited or not. The renderer gets 
>> the row index of the currently activenode and marks every node with 
>> an index <= current rowIndex, as 'visited'.There are many flaws with 
>> this approach - for one it assumes that stops are ordered (iow, they 
>> have a sequential flow). Secondly, the renderer assumes a behavior 
>> for the train when it should let the model drive this behavior. For 
>> instance, I need to support a use case, where the train stops are all 
>> enabled by default and user can jump to any stop. In such situations 
>> the above algorithm totally fails.  Having a 'visited' attribute on 
>> the component allows the model to set the visited state.  What do 
>> people think about this change? <!-- Converted from text/rtf format  
>> -->  Thanks  Pavitra

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