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From Simon_Less...@DMR.CA
Subject Re: [Proposal] Skin: Convert url values to context relative path only when enclosed in url( )
Date Mon, 14 Aug 2006 16:10:30 GMT
+1 for option #3. I also like the 4 rules, so +1 for those as well.

Simon Lessard
Fujitsu Consulting

"Adam Winer" <>
2006-08-14 12:01
Please respond to adffaces-dev
        Subject:        Re: [Proposal] Skin: Convert url values to context 
relative path only when enclosed in url( )

The spec - -
seems clear that url() is required (though quotes are not required).
I'd favor an option #3:
 - Convert url();  anything other than than this syntax gets dropped
   and logged with a warning

But we should talk about the manner of URL conversion here;  IMO,
the rules should be:

 - URLs beginning with a slash get prefixed with the context root
   (like other such URLs in JSF)
 - URLs beginning with two slashes get trimmed to a single slash
   (special Trinidad URL rule, already used in Trinidad components)
 - Relative URLs get interpreted as relative to the original .css file,
   and converted so that they are still valid references to the
   desired file.
 - Other URLs (e.g., URLs with server names) are left alone.

So, if the context path is MyApp, and the skin is
at MyApp/skins/mySkin/skin.css

  url('http://foo/my.gif') -> http://foo/my.gif
  url('/my.gif') -> /MyApp/my.gif
  url('//images/my.gif') -> /images/my.gif
  url('images/my.gif') -> /MyApp/skins/mySkin/images/my.gif
  url('../../images/my.gif') -> /MyApp/images/my.gif

-- Adam

On 8/14/06, <> wrote:
> Hello all,
> I provided a patch for ADFFACES-121. However, I'm not totally satisfied
> with it.
> Before the patch, the code was only converting the urls of
> background-image property when placed inside url( ). My patch converts 
> values inside url( ) as well as background-image property value when not
> placed inside url( ). For instance:
> Skin:
> background: url('images/myGif.gif');
> background: images/myGif.gif;
> background-image: url('images/myGif.gif');
> background-image: images/myGif.gif;
> Result with "MyApp" context root:
> background: url('/MyApp/skins/mySkin/images/myGif.gif');
> background: images/myGif.gif;
> background-image: url('/MyApp/skins/mySkin/images/myGif.gif');
> background-image: /MyApp/skins/mySkin/images/myGif.gif;
> It's a kind of inconsistency that could mix the user I think. I 
> see two possibilities:
> 1. Convert only but all values specified inside url( ), leaving others
> unchanged.
> 2. Make sure the hard coded list of property names allowing property
> values is exhaustive and document it accordingly.
> Which one would be better? My vote goes to 1. since it will be easier to
> document and maintain.
> Regards,
> Simon Lessard
> Fujitsu Consulting

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