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From Billie J Rinaldi <>
Subject Re: Filtering Iterators
Date Thu, 09 Feb 2012 18:25:36 GMT
On Thursday, February 9, 2012 12:26:01 PM, "Aaron Cordova" <> wrote:
> Combiners seem to be a big improvement on the method of implementing
> what were once termed aggregating iterators. What's the current (1.4
> on) best way to implement a filtering iterator?

Prior to 1.4, there was a FilteringIterator into which one would plug filters implementing
the org.apache.accumulo.core.iterators.filter.Filter interface.
This was confusing from a configuration perspective because the filters were not actually
Iterators, but were options on the FilteringIterator.

In 1.4, we have introduced org.apache.accumulo.core.iterators.Filter (note the package difference)
which is an Iterator.  Now filters extend this abstract Filter class.  The relevant method
one must implement is the same, i.e. 
public boolean accept(Key k, Value v), so converting filters of the old type to the new type
will be relatively easy.  Converting aggregators to combiners requires a bit more thought.

We have also made progress in formalizing the desired behavior of Iterator methods and usage
patterns.  See the new javadocs for SortedKeyValueIterator.  These were added in 1.3, but
1.4 begins to enforce them for Iterators that extend the WrappingIterator.  An example is
that data should not be read from the the source iterator in the init method; it can be assumed
that seek will always be called before data is read from an iterator.  Also, all iterators
that Accumulo provides for users out of the box are now located in the org.apache.accumulo.core.iterators.user


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