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From Aaron Cordova <>
Subject benchmarks
Date Mon, 13 Feb 2012 21:07:36 GMT
so .. we all know that benchmarks can be misleading but ...

There seems to be some excitement surrounding the recent Hypertable vs Hbase benchmark, particularly
because hbase (0.90) failed to complete some tests, and because the tests seem to be based
on those outlined in the original BigTable paper.

Hypertable has stated (on Twitter) that they're going to re-run the benchmark on Hbase 0.92,
and that they hope for participation from Hbase. I wondered whether it would be in the Accumulo
community's interest to participate as well? 

I believe that because Accumulo uses native management of memory for it's ingest operations
that it won't have the same problem Hbase 0.90 did with the tests involving lots of small
(10k and 100k) inserts. We know that Accumulo stands apart somewhat because of it's unique
features, but performance could be an important differentiator too, or at least should not
be a weakness ...


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