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From Jared winick <>
Subject Re: Overloading Tablet Servers
Date Fri, 28 Oct 2011 21:57:26 GMT
> If you are unsure if your iterators are slowing things down, then try
> removing them from the table and ingesting.  Hopefully you can then
> tell wether its the iterators or something else that is causing
> problems.

Yeah, the Aggregators I had running seem to be the cause of the very
long minor compactions. I think some of my initial confusion has been
cleared up from what you guys said and looking at the
TabletServerBatchWriter.  Unit tests of my Aggregators don't show them
to be abnormally slow, but I think I just need to better understand
how Accumulo is instantiating and using them internally so I can
figure out what is going on. I may also be able to take Eric's
suggestion of not running them at minc time but that might cause my
queries to slow down too much, so I will have to see. Thanks for the

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