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From Fawze Abujaber <>
Subject Tracking memory used by impala once a query failed on OOM
Date Thu, 17 May 2018 17:42:51 GMT
Hi Community,

Sometimes when one of my impala queries fail, and i want to investigate and
understand how the memory was distributed at the time that query failed
between the queries and  which query consumed most of the memory, i'm
getting stuck, yes i can somehow to look at the queries that ran in the
queries that  running  at time interval and see which one consumed most of
the query but i cann't corelate all these with the impala daeomon memory
limit and at the time when impala decides to kill the query.

I would appreciate if you have any suggestion how to investigate these
issues and if there is any metric or API that can show me at a given time
the memory used per node for the impala queries, so i can see if it related
to one specific node or a set of nodes which exceeds the memory limit

Take Care
Fawze Abujaber

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