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From "Quanlong Huang" <>
Subject Re:Re: Configuration for Admission Control
Date Thu, 25 Jan 2018 06:43:13 GMT
Thanks, Tim!

1. The soft limit is exactly what we want. I have another question that how does Impala estimate
the memory usage of a query? It seems that it won't change the estimation even after the query
run again and the actual usage is much smaller than the estimate.

2. I think we need a template for configuration. Something like Presto provided:
Every new user corresponds to a new pool. The admin doesn't need to create a pool manually
for him/her. For detailed limit types, I think more are welcome. Currently, we need the two
  a. Each user can run no more than 5 queries in parallel.
  b. The total amount of queries running in parallel of the whole system should no more than
Does it seem that I can't config this right now?


At 2018-01-25 02:49:33,"Tim Armstrong" <> wrote:

Hi Quanlong,

 1. Admission control memory limits for pools actually behave as soft limits already - admission
control won't kill queries if the pool's limits are exceeded. It is limited to admitting/queueing/rejecting
a query.

The hard limits are the query and process memory limits. If an individual's query mem_limit
is exceeded, it will be killed, or if the Impala daemon process's total memory limit is killed,
queries will be killed until it gets under the limit.

In the short-to-medium term we're working to avoid that kind of out-of-memory as much as possible.
If a query can't run with a given mem_limit, it shouldn't be admitted. If it is admitted,
it should regulate its own memory consumption by spilling to disk, etc, to stay under the
mem_limit. We have a lot of pieces for that already (e.g. the big revamp of spill-to-disk
in IMPALA-3200 and the HDFS scanner patches I have out for review right now).

2. We don't support this right now, but that is a very good idea. I'm not sure what exactly
the right policy is. Maybe limiting each user to a fixed number of queries is reasonable,
or maybe there should also be some kind of fairness (e.g. a user can't consume more than x%
of the remaining resources in the pool). Would be interested in your thoughts.

- Tim

On Wed, Jan 24, 2018 at 5:53 AM, Quanlong Huang <> wrote:

Hi all,

We're going to use Admission Control to support multi-tenancy. I have several questions about
the configuration:

1. Is there a config about the soft memory limit of a queue? i.e. when queries in a pool totally
consumed much amount of memory than the soft limit, they won't fail directly but the queries
submitted later for this pool will be queued.

2. Can we config that the max concurrent running queries for each user should no more than
a limit (e.g. 10)? Currently, I have to create a pool for a user to do this. This is not scalable
if we have tens of users. And we have to add a new pool for each new user. 



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