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From chaitra shivakumar <>
Subject Error Invalid TimestampValue - Timestamp converstion errror Imapala kudu
Date Wed, 08 Nov 2017 07:34:50 GMT

We recently upgraded to kudu 1.5 and impala 2.10 on cloudera  CDH 5.13

I am trying to merge data from one table into another and using left outer

Half way through the merge I get a error which really does not point me to
the  problematic row.
Error seen is

   - Query Status: Invalid TimestampValue: -16532:15:03.600000000

I can see the error could be because of some conversion issues, but I  was
trying to dig a little deeper into the logs to pin point what  exactly
causes this problem
and all I could find was this


Invalid TimestampValue: -16532:15:03.600000000
    @           0x83d85a  impala::Status::Status()
    @           0x8415e2  impala::WriteKuduTimestampValue()
    @           0x842437  impala::WriteKuduValue()
    @           0xce2900  impala::KuduTableSink::Send()
    @           0xa50fc4  impala::FragmentInstanceState::ExecInternal()
    @           0xa543b9  impala::FragmentInstanceState::Exec()
    @           0xa30b38  impala::QueryState::ExecFInstance()
    @           0xbd4722  impala::Thread::SuperviseThread()
    @           0xbd4e84  boost::detail::thread_data<>::run()
    @           0xe6113a  (unknown)
    @     0x7f56b4210dc5  start_thread
    @     0x7f56b3f3dced  __clone

Data set has a few 100 thousand rows of data so It hard to pinpoint manually.

Is there a way to get a more concrete error to pinpoint the problem,
or some resources on how to resolve it.

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