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From Alexander Shoshin <>
Subject Impala daemon memory
Date Thu, 17 Aug 2017 09:56:49 GMT
Hi, team!

I have an issue working with impala. Maybe you could help me?

My data is stored in parquet files. I am running queries to the data on Impala through JMeter.
I have 6 Impala daemons and JMeter sends queries randomly to each of them.
The problem is that only 3 of 6 Impala daemons use all available memory. Others 3 Impala daemons
use 3-4 times less memory.

These 3 daemons each time are different, but there are always 3 of them. When I tried to disable
2 daemons I saw the same picture: 3 daemons used all available memory and 1 daemon not. All
Impala daemons have the same mem_limit setting.

Have you ever had such strange behavior? Why not all Impala daemons use all available memory?

Alexander Shoshin

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