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From Jim Apple <>
Subject Impala JIRA migration to is complete
Date Mon, 13 Mar 2017 21:24:35 GMT
*If you read or write Impala JIRAs, this message is for you.*

Impala's JIRA is now at
Links like should now
redirect to

Permissions on the Apache JIRA are much more strict. We have tried to make
them almost as permissive for the IMPALA project as they were on the IMPALA
project on If you need permissions you don't have,
please email

Other than that, we don't know of any major issues at this point, however
we have found and fixed some unexpected problems so far, and others may
exist. If you find something that is impeding your work, please file a
subtask of

We tried to translate usernames as accurately as possible. In many cases
this worked just fine. In some cases this was not possible, and you will
see the issues that you participated on as $OLDUSERNAME now list you as
$OLDUSERNAME_impala_1de3, with some random-looking hex digits after your
name. You can claim that username by resetting your password:

1. Go to
2. Forgot Password, enter the username that looks like
3. Wait for email
4. Reset password

If you have problems with that process, please follow and contact Apache infrastructure.
The Impala community does not administer the JIRA server.

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