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From William Cox <>
Subject queries not being submitted in Impala cluster despite free resources
Date Mon, 30 Jan 2017 19:31:01 GMT
I'm running CDH CDH-5.8.0-1 and Impala =version 2.6.0-cdh5.8.0 RELEASE
(build 8d8652f69461f0dd8d5f474573fb5de7ceb0ee6b). We have enabled resource
management and allocated  ~700Gb of memory with 30 running queries for the
default. Our background data jobs are Unlimited.

In spite of this setup, we still encounter times where queries will be
marked as CREATED and waiting for allocation when the number of running
queries is well below 30 and the amount of used memory, as listed in the
CDH UI, is well below 700GB.

This is seemingly unpredicable. We've created extensive monitors to track #
of running queries and memory usage but there seems to be no pattern to
why/when these queries won't be submitted to the cluster.

Is there some key metric that I might be missing or is there any
suggestions folks have for tracking down these queries that won't be

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