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From "Vuk Ercegovac (Code Review)" <>
Subject [Impala-ASF-CR] IMPALA-4704: Turns on client connections when local catalog initialized.
Date Mon, 23 Oct 2017 21:21:14 GMT
Vuk Ercegovac has posted comments on this change. ( )

Change subject: IMPALA-4704: Turns on client connections when local catalog initialized.

Patch Set 11:

File be/src/service/
PS11, Line 242: Status Frontend::SetCatalogInitialized() {
              :   JNIEnv* jni_env = getJNIEnv();
              :   JniLocalFrame jni_frame;
              :   RETURN_IF_ERROR(jni_frame.push(jni_env));
              :   jni_env->CallObjectMethod(fe_, set_catalog_initialized_id_);
              :   RETURN_ERROR_IF_EXC(jni_env);
              :   return Status::OK();
              : }
> is that needed? could it be handled entirely within InProcessImpalaServer? 
its also used by expr-benchmark as well, which instantiates its own frontend class (case of
neither InProcess nor daemon). there's probably some simplification here, but yes, I agree
that its orthogonal.
File be/src/service/
PS11, Line 1979:   // Wait for the frontend catalog to be ready prior to opening client ports.
> nit: Maybe expand this comment to mention that this call will block indefin
File bin/
PS11, Line 82: action="store_true",
             :                   help=SUPPRESS_HELP)
> nit: merge these two and save a line :)
PS11, Line 258: return not impala_cluster.catalogd and not options.disable_catalog
> Why not:
PS11, Line 304: wait_for_client
> I think this should be named wait_for_catalog since that is the high level 
this method additionally waits for the client ports to be opened. changed the name and the
comment to clarify.
PS11, Line 317: ;
> remove stray semicolon
Done. Is there a python linter that folks use to catch cases like this?
PS11, Line 323: client_beeswax.close()
> What about closing the HS2 client?
it does not have a close afaict.
PS11, Line 327: Client ports within %s seconds.' % timeout_in_seconds
> Can we make this error message clearer?  "Client ports not ready within N s
PS11, Line 407:     # Check for the cluster to be ready only when the catalog was started.
              :     if not options.disable_catalog:
              :       wait_for_cluster()
> Is this too lax? Can we not call wait_for_impala_process_count()?
simplified... wait for cluster should do the right thing when the cluster is started with
out the catalog.
File tests/common/
PS11, Line 127: if disable_catalog:
              :       cmd.append("--disable_catalog")
> nit: single line
File tests/custom_cluster/
PS11, Line 26: cls
> Nit: This is a bound object method, so the first argument here is going to 
PS11, Line 28: cls
> self
PS11, Line 30: cls
> self here and below as well

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