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From "Taras Bobrovytsky (Code Review)" <>
Subject [Impala-ASF-CR] IMPALA-4848: Add WIDTH BUCKET() function
Date Tue, 10 Oct 2017 00:49:40 GMT
Taras Bobrovytsky has posted comments on this change. (

Change subject: IMPALA-4848: Add WIDTH_BUCKET() function

Patch Set 7:

(1 comment)
File be/src/exprs/
PS7, Line 516:   int256_t x = ConvertToInt256(buckets.value()) * ConvertToInt256(width_size.value());
> Sure, that's true. I don't think that this function is meant to be used tha
This idea may give a nice performance boost (if it works) because all the heavy lifting (such
as dividing and maybe converting to int256) is done once at the beginning when we are constructing
the array. The array will contain values that have the same precision and scale as the input
expression so all we have to do is O(log(number of buckets)) comparisons of expr to array
elements in case of binary search. Or O(number of buckets) comparisons if number of buckets
is small.

If number of buckets is very large, we can fall back to the current implementation. (we can
have 2 versions WidthBucketImpl such as WidthBucketImplSmall WidthBucketImplLarge)

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