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From "Impala Public Jenkins (Code Review)" <>
Subject [Impala-ASF-CR] IMPALA-5951: Remove flaky test catalogd timeout
Date Sat, 30 Sep 2017 00:50:43 GMT
Impala Public Jenkins has submitted this change and it was merged. (

Change subject: IMPALA-5951: Remove flaky test_catalogd_timeout

IMPALA-5951: Remove flaky test_catalogd_timeout

test_catalogd_timeout sets a Kudu operation timeout of 1ms and then
performs various Kudu operations which it expects to fail due to a

Since the test was written, things have sped up - for example, Impala
used to create a new Kudu client for each operation, but that was
changed in IMPALA-5167, such that the operations now occasionally
complete quickly enough that they don't timeout.

There's not really any way to rewrite this test to ensure that it
won't be flaky, so the patch removes it.

Change-Id: I29fd67d0acc0ee15943c416f2179ad716d2cac05
Reviewed-by: Dimitris Tsirogiannis <>
Tested-by: Impala Public Jenkins
D testdata/workloads/functional-query/queries/QueryTest/kudu-timeouts-catalogd.test
M tests/custom_cluster/
2 files changed, 0 insertions(+), 33 deletions(-)

  Dimitris Tsirogiannis: Looks good to me, approved
  Impala Public Jenkins: Verified

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Gerrit-Project: Impala-ASF
Gerrit-Branch: master
Gerrit-MessageType: merged
Gerrit-Change-Id: I29fd67d0acc0ee15943c416f2179ad716d2cac05
Gerrit-Change-Number: 8154
Gerrit-PatchSet: 3
Gerrit-Owner: Thomas Tauber-Marshall <>
Gerrit-Reviewer: Dimitris Tsirogiannis <>
Gerrit-Reviewer: Impala Public Jenkins
Gerrit-Reviewer: Thomas Tauber-Marshall <>

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