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From "John Russell (Code Review)" <>
Subject [Impala-ASF-CR] IMPALA-2107: [DOCS] Document base64*code() functions
Date Thu, 07 Sep 2017 18:40:56 GMT
John Russell has posted comments on this change.

Change subject: IMPALA-2107: [DOCS] Document base64*code() functions

Patch Set 2:

File docs/shared/impala_common.xml:

Line 802:         <codeph>MAX()</codeph>, and <codeph>MIN()</codeph>
than when
> Are you sure about MAX and MIN? They might preserve ordering. I don't know.
Done. That was a close call that it does appear to be correct. In a sample of about a dozen
words and phrases, I found almost all were sorted the same way as the unencoded values, but
the 'w' entries came before the 't' ones:

| world                             | d29ybGQ=                                     |
| whirled                           | d2hpcmxlZA==                                 |
| whorled                           | d2hvcmxlZA==                                 |
| the rain in spain                 | dGhlIHJhaW4gaW4gc3BhaW4=                     |
| the time has come                 | dGhlIHRpbWUgaGFzIGNvbWU=                     |

PS1, Line 808: All argument values
             :         supplied to <codeph>base64decode()</codeph> must also be
             :         multiple of 4 bytes in length.
> I don't think this is right. The example you give below, for instance, is '
Right, the constraint (must be) is on base64decode argument, and the guarantee (is always)
is on the base64encode return value. That was a finger fumble to say base64encode in both
File docs/topics/impala_string_functions.xml:

Line 88:       <dlentry id="base64decode" rev="2.6.0 IMPALA-2107">
> This was fixed in 2.6.0, according to the ticket, not 2.9.0
Done. Changed for both base64decode and base64encode <dlentry> tags.

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