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From "Sailesh Mukil (Code Review)" <>
Subject [Impala-ASF-CR] KUDU-2032 (part 1): pass pre-resolution hostname into RPC proxies
Date Wed, 30 Aug 2017 17:44:52 GMT
Hello Alexey Serbin, Kudu Jenkins,

I'd like you to reexamine a change.  Please visit

to look at the new patch set (#2).

Change subject: KUDU-2032 (part 1): pass pre-resolution hostname into RPC proxies

KUDU-2032 (part 1): pass pre-resolution hostname into RPC proxies

This modifies the constructor of RPC proxies (generated and otherwise)
to take the remote hostname in addition to the existing resolved
Sockaddr parameter. The hostname is then passed into the ConnectionId
object, and plumbed through to the SASL client in place of the IP
address that was used previously.

The patch changes all of the construction sites of Proxy to fit the new
interface. In most of the test cases, we don't have real hostnames, so
we just use the dotted-decimal string form of the remote Sockaddr, which
matches the existing behavior.

In the real call sites, we have actual host names typically specified by
the user, and in those cases we'll need to pass those into the proxy. In
a few cases, they were conveniently available in the same function that
creates the proxy. In others, they are relatively far away, so this
patch just uses the dotted-decimal string and leaves TODOs.

In the case that Kerberos is not configured, this change should have no
effect since the hostname is ignored by SASL "plain". In the case that
Kerberos is configured with 'rdns=true', they also have no effect,
because the krb5 library will resolve and reverse the hostname from the
IP as it did before. In the case that 'rdns=false', this moves us one
step closer to fixing KUDU-2032 by getting a hostname into the SASL

I verified that, if I set 'rdns = false' on a Kerberized client, I'm now
able to run  'kudu master status <host>' successfully where it would not
before. This tool uses a direct proxy instantiation where the hostname
was easy to plumb in. 'kudu table list <host>' still does not work because
it uses the client, which wasn't convenient to plumb quite yet.

Given that this makes incremental improvement towards fixing the issue
without any regression, and is already a fairly wide patch, I hope to
commit this and then address the remaining plumbing in a separate patch.

Change-Id: I96fb3c73382f0be6e30e29ae2e7176be42f3bb98
Tested-by: Kudu Jenkins
Reviewed-by: Alexey Serbin <>
M be/src/kudu/rpc/connection.h
M be/src/kudu/rpc/
M be/src/kudu/rpc/connection_id.h
M be/src/kudu/rpc/
M be/src/kudu/rpc/
M be/src/kudu/rpc/
M be/src/kudu/rpc/
M be/src/kudu/rpc/
M be/src/kudu/rpc/proxy.h
M be/src/kudu/rpc/
M be/src/kudu/rpc/
M be/src/kudu/rpc/
M be/src/kudu/rpc/
M be/src/kudu/util/net/
M be/src/kudu/util/net/
M be/src/kudu/util/net/sockaddr.h
16 files changed, 165 insertions(+), 84 deletions(-)

  git pull ssh:// refs/changes/97/7897/2
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Gerrit-Change-Id: I96fb3c73382f0be6e30e29ae2e7176be42f3bb98
Gerrit-PatchSet: 2
Gerrit-Project: Impala-ASF
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Gerrit-Owner: Sailesh Mukil <>
Gerrit-Reviewer: Alexey Serbin <>
Gerrit-Reviewer: Kudu Jenkins
Gerrit-Reviewer: Todd Lipcon <>

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