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From "Impala Public Jenkins (Code Review)" <>
Subject [Impala-ASF-CR] IMPALA-3200: more buffer pool end-to-end tests
Date Mon, 07 Aug 2017 00:57:47 GMT
Impala Public Jenkins has submitted this change and it was merged.

Change subject: IMPALA-3200: more buffer pool end-to-end tests

IMPALA-3200: more buffer pool end-to-end tests

This adds most of the end-to-end tests described in the test plan.

* End-to-end test for disk spill encryption.
* Admission control test for the case when acquiring initial
  reservation fails.
* Initial reservation acquire failure test
* scratch_limit tests for Join, Agg, Sort, Analytic
* Memory usage scaling tests for Join, Agg, Sort, Analytic

Also splits out the slow sort queries in test_spilling and moves them
to exhaustive so the individual tests run faster and have better

Ran all the core tests. Will do a full exhaustive run before

Change-Id: I554aa5ddfef4f8e75295596e720a14eee1afa17f
Reviewed-by: Tim Armstrong <>
Tested-by: Impala Public Jenkins
A testdata/workloads/functional-query/queries/QueryTest/disk-spill-encryption.test
A testdata/workloads/functional-query/queries/QueryTest/spilling-sorts-exhaustive.test
M testdata/workloads/functional-query/queries/QueryTest/spilling.test
M testdata/workloads/targeted-perf/queries/primitive_broadcast_join_3.test
M testdata/workloads/targeted-perf/queries/primitive_groupby_bigint_highndv.test
M testdata/workloads/targeted-perf/queries/primitive_groupby_decimal_highndv.test
M testdata/workloads/targeted-perf/queries/primitive_orderby_all.test
M testdata/workloads/targeted-perf/targeted-perf_core.csv
M testdata/workloads/targeted-perf/targeted-perf_dimensions.csv
M testdata/workloads/targeted-perf/targeted-perf_exhaustive.csv
M tests/custom_cluster/
A tests/custom_cluster/
M tests/query_test/
M tests/query_test/
M tests/query_test/
15 files changed, 409 insertions(+), 221 deletions(-)

  Impala Public Jenkins: Verified
  Tim Armstrong: Looks good to me, approved

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Gerrit-MessageType: merged
Gerrit-Change-Id: I554aa5ddfef4f8e75295596e720a14eee1afa17f
Gerrit-PatchSet: 8
Gerrit-Project: Impala-ASF
Gerrit-Branch: master
Gerrit-Owner: Tim Armstrong <>
Gerrit-Reviewer: Impala Public Jenkins
Gerrit-Reviewer: Michael Brown <>
Gerrit-Reviewer: Tim Armstrong <>

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