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From "Ambreen Kazi (Code Review)" <>
Subject [Impala-ASF-CR] IMPALA-3401 [DOCS] Removing 'Cloudera Manager' from upstream docs.
Date Thu, 23 Feb 2017 19:53:32 GMT
Ambreen Kazi has posted comments on this change.

Change subject: IMPALA-3401 [DOCS] Removing 'Cloudera Manager' from upstream docs.

Patch Set 2:

File docs/topics/impala_admission.xml:

PS2, Line 224:  Although the Impala admission control feature uses a <codeph>fair-scheduler.xml</codeph>
configuration file
             :         behind the scenes, this file does not depend on which scheduler is
used for YARN.
Should we duplicate content or only hide the sentence/phrase with Cloudera Manager? We can
probably discuss this in person.

Line 654:           or manually construct the configuration files <filepath>fair-scheduler.xml</filepath>
add comma; the sentence left behind reads awkwardly -- you could probably rephrase it to an
'either..or..' format

PS2, Line 717: Examples
After hiding the CM section, you're left with only 1 example. 

Can we just delete the two sections 'using CM' and 'using Config Files', and move the content
from the Config Files example section to the parent?
File docs/topics/impala_noncm_installation.xml:

PS2, Line 21: noncm_install
is there a separate gerrit for modifying file names and ids with 'cm'?

PS2, Line 61: CDH a

PS2, Line 78: Cloudera

PS2, Line 109: (For CDH 4, this is a different repository than for CDH.)
I think you can delete this.

Line 140:           <ph rev="upstream">Cloudera</ph> recommends that you not install
Impala on any HDFS NameNode. Installing Impala on NameNodes
File docs/topics/impala_prereqs.xml:

Line 86:         <indexterm audience="hidden">software requirements</indexterm>
Explicitly list the supported OSs. They were originally hidden because we wanted to point
to our internal compatibility matrix. Now we need all this information here.

PS2, Line 93: The relevant supported operating systems
            :         and versions for Impala are the same as for the corresponding CDH 5
Remove or hide this sentence.
File docs/topics/impala_tutorial.xml:

Line 58:     <ul>
assorted references to CDH and CM quickstart in this list.

Line 134: Copyright (c) 2012 Cloudera, Inc. All rights reserved.
Remove references to cloudera from all the code samples. Several scattered references across
this topic.

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