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From "John Russell (Code Review)" <>
Subject [Impala-ASF-CR] Patch references to Cloudera and CDH in Impala tutorial
Date Tue, 31 Jan 2017 22:16:57 GMT
John Russell has posted comments on this change.

Change subject: Patch references to Cloudera and CDH in Impala tutorial

Patch Set 2:

Commit Message:

Line 22: I marked with rev="upstream" some <codeblock> tags
> I don't see upstream in any ditaval file. Where is it defined?
It's a purely user-defined attribute that we use for bookkeeping purposes, e.g. we use rev="IMPALA-abcd"
to indicate the relevant JIRA associated with a change, and rev="upstream" to mark spots requiring
future cleanup as part of the Apache cleanup.
File docs/topics/impala_tutorial.xml:

Line 60:         If you already have a <keyword keyref="hadoop_distro"/> environment
set up and just need to add Impala to it, follow the installation
> This doesn't seem to work. It's showing up as "CDH" in the build.

PS1, Line 698: from the sample TPC-DS kit for Impala.
> The only one of these is Cloudera's and it was very broken last I checked.
It may be that this section has to get removed due to bitrot on the TPC-DS stuff. If so, I'll
suggest we do that in a subsequent CR and restrict ourselves to getting rid of explicit Cloudera
/ CDH references in this one.

PS1, Line 1700: (Currently, this technique only works for Parquet files.)
> Parentheses not necessary.
In this case, the parens are like a short form ot the "Note: this technique doesn't work for
non-Parquet files" as we might do it in another section. I relax some of the rules a little
bit (allowing royal 'we' etc.) in tutorial-style content.

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