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From "Bharath Vissapragada (Code Review)" <>
Subject [Impala-ASF-CR] IMPALA-4172/IMPALA-3653: Improvements to block metadata loading
Date Wed, 30 Nov 2016 21:21:36 GMT
Bharath Vissapragada has posted comments on this change.

Change subject: IMPALA-4172/IMPALA-3653: Improvements to block metadata loading

Patch Set 13:

File fe/src/main/java/org/apache/impala/catalog/

PS13, Line 41: private DiskIdMapper() {
             :     }
> nit: single line

PS13, Line 44: "storage ID UUID string"
> nit: why quoted?

Line 55:      * Returns a disk id (0-based) index for storageId on host 'host'.
> This function doesn't only return a disk id (implying this is a getter), it
Made the comment little detailed.

PS13, Line 68: .intValue()
> why do you need this? Won't this be unboxed automatically?

PS13, Line 69: synchronized (storageIdGenerator) {
> The common path now includes two calls to storageUuidToDiskId.get(), one sy
Discussed in person. It was put outside the synchronized block so that callers with already
mapped storage ids needn't enter the synchronized block.

PS13, Line 74: stoprageUuid
> typo: storageUuid
File fe/src/main/java/org/apache/impala/catalog/

PS13, Line 315: if (!FileSystemUtil.isChildPath(partDir, dirPath)) continue;
> Is this check really needed? Haven't you done this check while populating p
Currently we don't do it at the callers. So I added the check here. partsByPath includes all
the partitions that need to be updated. However this method does only for descendants of dirPath.

PS13, Line 316: perPartitionFileDescMap_
> If I recall correctly, I added this to speedup incremental loading of file 
Looking closely, yes this map doesn't make sense anymore. We are unnecessarily doing puts
and gets into it. Removed.Nice catch btw.

PS13, Line 431:  
> nit: extra space

PS13, Line 441: // Synthesize the block metadata for the file descriptor.
              :         long start = 0;
              :         long remaining = fd.getFileLength();
              :         // Workaround HADOOP-11584 by using the filesystem default block size
rather than
              :         // the block size from the FileStatus.
              :         // TODO: after HADOOP-11584 is resolved, get the block size from the
              :         long blockSize = fs.getDefaultBlockSize();
              :         if (blockSize < MIN_SYNTHETIC_BLOCK_SIZE) blockSize = MIN_SYNTHETIC_BLOCK_SIZE;
              :         Preconditions.checkState(partitions.size() > 0);
              :         // For the purpose of synthesizing block metadata, we assume that
all partitions
              :         // with the same location have the same file format.
              :         HdfsFileFormat fileFormat = partitions.get(0).getFileFormat();
              :         if (!fileFormat.isSplittable(HdfsCompression.fromFileName(fd.getFileName())))
              :           blockSize = remaining;
              :         }
              :         while (remaining > 0) {
              :           long len = Math.min(remaining, blockSize);
              :           List<BlockReplica> replicas = Lists.newArrayList(
              :               new BlockReplica(hostIndex_.getIndex(REMOTE_NETWORK_ADDRESS),
              :           fd.addFileBlock(new FileBlock(start, len, replicas));
              :           remaining -= len;
              :           start += len;
              :         }
> I would put this in a separate function.

PS13, Line 474: numHdfsFiles_++;
              :           totalHdfsBytes_ += partition.getSize();
> Is this counting correct here?
We increment them for every fd (and its corresponding partition). We seem to be implementing
reload() as drop() + add(). dropPartition() is subtracting them when required. Also loadPartitionFileMetadata()
subtracts when we reload a subset of partitions. Do you think anything could be done better
here? I agree its confusing since its done in multiple places.
File fe/src/main/java/org/apache/impala/common/

PS13, Line 289: BlockLocation
> Is this the name of the API call? If not, can you use the exact function na
Rephrased it a little. Its no specific API call. Its just that only 'DistributedFileSystem's
actually set storageIds in the BlockLocations and others don't.

PS13, Line 418: child
> child or descendant?
Descendant. Updated the method name and callers.

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