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From "Sailesh Mukil (Code Review)" <>
Subject [Impala-ASF-CR] IMPALA-4502: test partition ddl predicates breaks on non-HDFS filesystems
Date Mon, 21 Nov 2016 18:59:09 GMT
Sailesh Mukil has posted comments on this change.

Change subject: IMPALA-4502: test_partition_ddl_predicates breaks on non-HDFS filesystems

Patch Set 1:

(1 comment)
File tests/metadata/

Line 396:     if IS_HDFS:
> Instead of this if/else logic, how about we split out only those hdfs-speci
We can do that, but I see a problem with that. This test currently creates, alters and drops
tables and partitions. If we split it up like "all-tests" and "hdfs-specific-tests", we will
need to either:

1) Do the create drop, etc. once in each test file which would make this test take twice as
long on HDFS (already takes about 30+ seconds)

2) Create, drop in the "all-tests" file and just have the "set cached/uncached" queries in
the "hdfs-specific-tests" file. But this would create an interdependence between two test
files, something which we don't do now afaik, and it also doesn't seem like a good practice.

If we're okay with either of the above 2 options, I'll go ahead and make the change.

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