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From Michael Brown <>
Subject test_ddl_stress likely not getting regular, automated runs
Date Wed, 08 Feb 2017 23:38:42 GMT

Background: I am conducting an audit of metadata tests.

A particular manifestation of IMPALA-3947 [0] is that the test module isn't runnable via any option. I expect
this means isn't being run regularly except by
conscientious developers running it locally. Note that this test was
not disabled as part of the commit "IMPALA-2605: Omit the sort and
mini stress tests".

I'm interested to know any history around this.

Could any community members who have been around for several years,
especially those who work on the Catalog, shed light on this? Were you
assuming was being run regularly? Or do you know to
run it by hand? Do you know it to be reliable and useful, and it
should be included in regular runs, or do you know it to be flaky and
needing work?

It's fine if no one knows any such answers, but they would lend
context to getting test_ddl_stress running regularly.



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