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From Matthew Jacobs>
Subject Important: new shell & bootstrap required after rebasing, again
Date Sun, 11 Dec 2016 07:11:50 GMT
Hi all,

We had to bump the Kudu version again so unfortunately you'll have to
refresh your environment again to get the latest Kudu. After fetching
the latest Impala commits (including commit 39017adf) and rebasing,
you'll need to:

1) start a new shell OR make sure to
export IMPALA_TOOLCHAIN_BUILD_ID=308-96a4cc516e

2) Run, that will:
   a) download the new Kudu bits in the toolchain by calling (or you can do so yourself)
   b) restart the minicluster with the new kudu

>From Lars:
If you don't want to mess with your pane layout in tmux you can run
tmux respawn-pane -k
to kill and replace the current pane with an entirely fresh shell.
I bind this to a shortcut in my tmux config like so:
bind K respawn-pane -k

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