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From Jim Apple <>
Subject Jenkins jobs to verify patches
Date Tue, 13 Dec 2016 21:51:23 GMT
Before Impala joined the ASF, code reviews had to go through a
"verification" step in which a Jenkins jobs downloaded the patch, ran
all tests and replied back to Jenkins that everything was OK. That
Jenkins job ran on Cloudera infrastructure and could not be accessed,
even in a read-only way, by people outside of Cloudera.

To follow the Apache way, I am laboring to replace that with a Jenkins
server that can be used by any authorized person and read by any
person. It is at It is able to verify
patches just like the old Jenkins machine. A few remaining questions:

1. What should the prerequisites be to turning off the Cloudera-only
Jenkins verification path?

2. Who should be able to run jobs on Some
possibilities: Committers only, anyone who asks, PMC members only,
contributors who ask after submitting 5 patches. Higher bars lead to
less likelihood of abuse, lower ones to easier contributions from

My proposal is this:

1. We should turn off the CLoudera-only Jenkins verification path
January 2. is in pretty good shape, and we can make
further improvements as needed. For instance, it took me five minutes
just now to cut down on the not-so-interesting debug output from the
main verification job,

2. Everyone with five patches can request a login.

I'm not married to these ideas, but I wanted to provide a jumping-off
point for discussion.

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