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From Alex Behm <>
Subject Re: Impala CONCAT() behavior vs. other databases
Date Wed, 09 Nov 2016 00:17:47 GMT
My guess is that Impala's current behavior is for compatibility with Hive.
Hive's concat() behaves like you described. I don't really like the

So in that sense, I think the current behavior is intended, albeit

On Tue, Nov 8, 2016 at 11:46 AM, Michael Brown <> wrote:

> Hello,
> While using the Impala random query generator to compare Impala query
> results with PostgreSQL query results, I noticed a discrepancy between
> the CONCAT() functions. I'm looking for information from the community
> whether the discrepancy I found is intentional (in which case I will
> fix the random query generator) or unintentional (in which case I will
> file an Impala defect Jira). I couldn't find bugs about this, though I
> did see IMPALA-452, but IMPALA-452 doesn't explicitly call out
> behavior discrepancies or preferences.
> If Impala CONCAT() has an argument that evaluates to NULL, then Impala
> CONCAT() returns NULL.
> If PostgreSQL CONCAT() has an argument that evaluates to NULL, then
> PostgreSQL will ignore it, and treat it as an empty string. Even
> CONCAT(NULL) evaluates to the empty string.
> PostgreSQL has a || operator that behaves like Impala CONCAT(): if a
> NULL expression is on one side of ||, that || evals to NULL. (Aside:
> the || operator in Impala appears to be an alias for OR, though that
> seems to be undocumented. IMPALA-452 suggests this is a Hive mimic.)
> I also checked Oracle (XE Oracle also has a CONCAT()
> function and a string concatenation operator ||. They are equivalent.
> There is a difference between Oracle behavior and other databases: a
> CONCAT() or || with only nulls or empty strings evaluates to NULL.
> That's somewhat different edge behavior, but the CONCAT('something',
> NULL) case does mimic PostgreSQL CONCAT(), not Impala CONCAT().
> If Impala CONCAT() is meant to behave like PostgreSQL ||, then I can
> change the random query generator to write the correct SQL dialect
> from the same logical query to reduce false positive discrepancies. If
> Impala CONCAT() is meant to behave like PostgreSQL CONCAT(), then
> there's a defect. Please let me know the intent so I can act
> accordingly.
> Thanks!

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