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From Michael Ho <>
Subject Re: RFC: Remove thirdparty
Date Thu, 26 May 2016 16:37:07 GMT
I guess point number 1 is more about requiring all the thirdparty binary
for getting Impala to build
and work to be located at a location specified by the environment variable

It's not strictly necessary for users to use exactly the version of
toolchain we provide. For instance,
a user can check out a copy of our native-toolchain (which is public) and
tinkle with it or they can
create their own version of IMPALA_TOOLCHAIN as long as they have all the
necessary binaries
we expect.

The user can also feel free to create a symlink to the system library of
their choice in the
$IMPALA_TOOLCHAIN directory if they choose to do so.

My question is more about whether we should clean up our build script so
that we expect to find
everything we need to build in $IMPALA_TOOLCHAIN ?


On Thu, May 26, 2016 at 8:53 AM, Tim Armstrong <>

> On Wed, May 25, 2016 at 8:42 PM, Michael Ho <> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Following up on the discussion about IMPALA-3223, I'd like to send out
>> an email about the removal of thirdparty. In particular, the following
>> changes
>> will happen in stages. Please voice your comment before I commit to
>> any action.
>> 1. Requires $IMPALA_TOOLCHAIN to be set in order to build Impala.
>> In other words, all the logic in the build script to build thirdparty
>> component
>> if $IMPALA_TOOLCHAIN is not set will be removed.
> I think we probably need to make a firm decision about whether we're going
> to try to support non-toolchain builds. In the past we've said that it
> would be nice to allow building Impala with system libraries (even if we
> don't put special effort into supporting it), but I don't think we've
> committed to the idea, or committed to toolchain builds only.
> If we're going to support non-toolchain builds we would need some kind of
> testing to prevent it breaking all the time.
> It would be nice to have, but I'm not sure anyone has the time/motivation
> to do it. What do people think?
>> 2. Remove
>> 3. Move postgressql-jdbc and may be llama-minikdc (?) to toolchain and
>> update
>> scripts about it.
>> 4. Remove everything in thirdparty directory except for the following
>> components:
>> hadoop, hbase, hive, llama and sentry.
>> 5. Update integration jenkins job to copy the snapshots of the components
>> above to
>> internal jenkins repo in addition to checking them in to github. Update
>> bootstrap_toolchain
>> to point to internal repos.
>> 6. Remove thirdparty directory and update integration job to not check in
>> to git repo.
>> After step (3) is done, we can already push the changes of the build
>> script to ASF tree
>> and check in snapshots of hadoop, hbase, llama and sentry to S3 and
>> hopefully
>> get the build to work.
> We can probably test this out as we go by manually copying the artifacts
> to the impala-incubator repo. I did a test of this yesterday (running
> download_requirements and copying thirdparty) and it built ok.
>> --
>> Thanks,
>> Michael


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