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From "Alex Behm (Code Review)" <>
Subject [Impala-CR](cdh5-trunk) Use unique_database fixture in
Date Sat, 07 May 2016 05:45:22 GMT
Alex Behm has posted comments on this change.

Change subject: Use unique_database fixture in

Patch Set 1:

File tests/common/

Line 492:   def run_stmt_in_hive(self, stmt):
> Since you promoted this, there's an opportunity to kill some redundant code
Good observation. I tried fixing the permanent UDFs test in the same way, but that resulted
in test failures. Apparently beeline and the hive shell behave a little differently and/or
produce different stdout. I tried resolving those issues, but at some point I could not figure
out the problem easily, so I think it's better to leave that out of this patch.

Imo, we should eventually also get rid of beeline and just use a Hive HS2 client.
File tests/metadata/

Line 51:     table_name = "same_loc_test"
> I don't have a strong opinion either way about this, but I think some prefe

Line 52:     self.client.execute("use %s" % unique_database)
> "use" has a side-effect across tests because of persistent connections. Ide
Agreed. Better to avoid "use". Done.

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