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From "Matthew Jacobs (Code Review)" <>
Subject [hs2client-CR] Initial structure for the C++ hiveserver2 client.
Date Fri, 29 Apr 2016 20:23:41 GMT
Matthew Jacobs has posted comments on this change.

Change subject: Initial structure for the C++ hiveserver2 client.

Patch Set 9:


Looking really good, thanks!

I think just a few small things to address now before trying to get this in.

We will definitely need to add GetResultSetMetadata to Operation, but we can do that in a
follow-up change. I filed
File .gitignore:

Line 4: Testing
where does this come from?
File src/hs2client/fetch-results.h:

Line 24: class RowSet {};
just mention this is empty because it's not supported yet.
File src/hs2client/

Line 92:   impl_->socket.reset(new TSocket(host_, port_));
I thought we were going to start passing through the timeout?
File src/hs2client/hs2service.h:

Line 88: serssion
typo lol serssion
File src/hs2client/

Line 56: hasMoreRows
nit: variable names should be lower case with underscores per the coding style
File src/hs2client/

Line 70: hasMoreRows
nit: style, here and all instances in this file

Line 86: *hasMoreRows = row_set_impl->resp.hasMoreRows;
Same. Sorry, I know it's inconsistent with what comes back with thrift :/
File src/hs2client/operation.h:

Line 65:   Status GetState(OperationState* out);
can these Get*, Fetch, and Cancel methods be marked const? I don't see them mutating state.
(Close does).

Line 73: hasMoreRows
same as below

Line 76: hasMoreRows
nit: style wrt naming variables/parameters

Line 78: hasMoreRows

Line 89:   bool HasResultSet();
... const;

Line 93:   bool IsColumnar();
... const;
File src/hs2client/

Line 28:   FAIL() << "Thrift headers should not be in the public API";
nice. (I guess we have to find a way to remember to add new headers in the future...)
File src/hs2client/

Line 29: Enumeration
nit: typically all caps, e.g. ENUM

Line 30: EnumToInt
File src/hs2client/util.h:

Line 26: PrintResults
I think this is fine for now, though I think we may want to distance this further from the
core code. Maybe at some point we reorganize the code into a few folders: core, sample, test.

Line 30: Wait
can you move this to TestUtil as it's only used in a test.

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