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From "Tim Armstrong (Code Review)" <>
Subject [Impala-CR](cdh5-trunk) Reduce size of cross-compiled IR
Date Sat, 05 Mar 2016 18:32:39 GMT
Tim Armstrong has posted comments on this change.

Change subject: Reduce size of cross-compiled IR

Patch Set 1:

Commit Message:

Line 9: instnamer
> what did that do and why were we using it?
It makes the cross-compiled IR slightly more readable if you disassemble it: "This is a little
utility pass that gives instructions names, this is mostly useful when diffing the effect
of an optimization because deleting an unnamed instruction can change all other instruction
numbering, making the diff very noisy."

It made the IR size 30% larger because of the longer strings so it didn't seem worthwhile.
It maybe made more sense when the IR module was smaller.

Line 20: reduced from 5698 to 3883.
> did you do any query benchmarks?
I did a while back, there wasn't much of a change aside from slightly reduced codegen time.
A couple of queries might have changed by a few % due to different JIT output (hard to tell
if it's noise or not), but I'd have to dig in to understand if there is anything there.

Since we're changing the JIT compiler anyway it seems easier to investigate any codegen regressions
all at once, since I don't think.
File be/src/common/status.h:

Line 101: 
> all the ones in this file we always want inlined whether it's IR or not, wh
The LLVM runtime optimisation (at -O2) will almost certainly inline these. I believe it treats
the "inline" annotation as a hint and has a somewhat lower threshold for inlining.

The cross-compiled IR is generated at -O1, which only inlines things annotated with the alway_inline
attribute. It's better to inline trivial 1-2 line functions at cross-compilation time to save
the runtime optimiser some work.
File be/src/exec/hash-table.h:

Line 131:   int IR_ALWAYS_INLINE level() const { return level_; }
> seems strange that llvm wouldn't already inline this given that it should b
It does do the inlining in the runtime -O2 optimisation, but it was difficult to coax the
optimiser into doing it to the cross-compiled IR without starting to inline larger funcitons.

The heuristic seems to be some combination of # of callsites and function size in LLVM instructions.
I think these accessor functions bodies end up being two LLVM instructions (compute offset,
then load) so it thinks inlining the function will increase code size. I tried to get the
cross-compiled IR optimiser to inline these automatically, but increasing the threshold too
much started to inline larger functions.

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