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From jjimeno <jjim...@omp.com>
Subject Multithread transactions in a C++ Thin Client
Date Thu, 14 Jan 2021 16:32:34 GMT
Hello all,

We're developing a multithread application using one C++ Thin Client to
connect to a cluster with a single Server Node.  The C++ Thin Client version
is "master" from January 21.

We have implemented a "lock-and-update" system based on the "GetAndPut"
function and PESSIMISTIC+READ_COMMITTED transactions. The idea is to lock a
set of cache entries, update them and commit them atomically.

In our tests we have detected a deadlock when following piece of code is
executed for more than one thread on our application:


ClientTransactions transactions = client.ClientTransactions();
ClientTransaction tx = transactions.TxStart(PESSIMISTIC, READ_COMMITTED);

// This call should atomically get the current value for "key" and put
"value" instead, locking the "key" cache entry at the same time
auto oldValue = cache.GetAndPut(key, value);

// Only the thread able of locking "key" should reach this code. Others have
to wait for tx.Commit() to complete
cache.Put (key, newValue);

// After this call, other thread waiting in GetAndPut for "key" to be
released should be able of continuing
tx.Commit ();


The thread reaching "cache.Put (key, newValue);" call, gets blocked in
there, concretely in the lockGuard object created at the beginning of
DataChannel::InternalSyncMessage function (data_channel.cpp:108).  After
debugging, we realized that this lockGuard is owned by a different thread,
which is currently waiting on socket while executing GetAndPut function. 
According to this, my guess is that data routing for C++ Thin Clients is not
multithread friendly.  

I did a test creating a C++ Thin Client for each different thread and the
problem disappeared, but this is something I would like to avoid since
threads are created and destroyed on the fly.

So, my questions is: do I have to create a C++ thin client for each
different thread or there is any workaround?

Thanks in advance!

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