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From Lieuwe <lieuwe.elger...@novatiq.com>
Subject IgniteC++ throughput
Date Thu, 12 Nov 2020 17:04:09 GMT
I wonder if anyone can shed some light on the Apache Ignite performance I am

I am running a single node & have a very simple CacheConfiguration
consisting of 4 fields.

The program is very much like the put-get-example code shipped with Ignite &
I am doing a few tests to see how fast (how many transactions per second) I
can read & write data to the cache.

1: Just incrementing the key and doing ignite::cache::Cache::Put(key,
dataObject) I can push 100K entries in the cache at about 12K TPS

2: Doing the same for ignite::cache::Cache::Get(key) yields 150K TPS

3: I then use a ignite::cache::query::SqlFieldsQuery &
ignite::cache::query::QueryFieldsCursor to do "SELECT A, B, C, D FROM
MyCache WHERE _key = ?"
Only doing cursor.isValid() && cursor.hasNext() yields 26K TPS

4: The last test I do is as above, but instead of the where clause being
'_key = ?' .. I change this to 'A=?'. In other words I use one of the fields
as a select criteria. I only get a shocking 20 TPS.

Having an index on field A makes no difference. The size of the cache does -
when I reduce that to a handful of entries that last rate will go up to
about 2K TPS.

My questions:
- There seems to be a big difference between Put & Get .. is that normal?
- There is also big difference between scenario 2 & 3 whilst they are
essentially doing the same thing .. why is SQL having so much overhead? And
example 3 doesn't even parse the columns out of the cursor whereas example 2
gives me all 4 columns for the key.
- And most importantly - why the shocking performance in scenario 4?


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