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From Cameron Braid <came...@drivenow.com.au>
Subject can web session filter be configured to create session on demand
Date Wed, 22 Jul 2020 17:43:18 GMT
At the moment the web session filter creates a new session for any request
that is mapped to the filter.

Is it possible to make it create sessions only when
request.getSession(true) is called ?

This is needed to support using a http caching proxy server.

I have pages like / and /about which dont need a session, and I have areas
that always need a session like /user and /admin.

Mapping the filter to /user and /admin is almost a solution, however there
are also some other dynamic urls that need access to the session under
certain cases based on request parameters.

So ideally the filter would be mapped to / with a 'create on demand'


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