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From vtcher...@gmail.com
Subject Re: read-though tutorial for a big table
Date Mon, 22 Jun 2020 10:57:06 GMT
Hi Alex,<div><br /></div><div>There is an NDA covering my work, so
direct sharing is not a variant. I see tutorial post of that kind will be actual, so I should
start working. Please wait some time. Right now I do have nothing to share.</div><div><br
/></div><div>About production - the first thing I faced with was turtle-slow
inserting values in cache. I did some efforts and now sql queries take longer than cache inserts,
but my work got in production only after it became fast. That was a must. So I have no "before
and after" state, only "after" one.</div><div><br /></div><div>Vladimir<br
/><br /></div>12:52, 22 июня 2020 г., Alex Panchenko &lt;a.panchenko@spd-ukraine.com&gt;:<br
/><blockquote class="210e7a848e8fcb45wmi-quote"><p>Hello Vladimir,<br /><br
/>I'm building the high-load service to handle intensive read-write operations<br />using
Apache Ignite. I need exactly the same - "loading big tables from<br />rdbms (Postgres)
and creating cache entries based on table info".<br /><br />Could you, please,
share your experience and materials you mentioned in this<br />thread. I'd be much appreciated.
I think it'd help me and others Ignite<br />users<br /><br />BTW<br />"This
approach was tested in production and showed good timing being paired<br />with MSSQL,
tables from tens to hundreds million rows."<br />Is it possible to see some results
of testing or/and performance metrics<br />before and after using Ignite<br /><br
/><br /><br />Thanks!<br /><br /><br /><br /></p><span
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