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From "Abhishek Gupta (BLOOMBERG/ 731 LEX)" <agupta...@bloomberg.net>
Subject Re: Pending Requests queue bloating
Date Wed, 23 Oct 2019 03:07:32 GMT
Thanks Ilya. 
I've made the change so that BO keeps only a Map, but I'm still seeing the heap bloating in
my node. I believe its the coordinator node that is seeing a bloated heap because at the time
I observed its old gen to be very high there was no application ingestion happening. Another
interesting observation was that at that very time all the other nodes received a lot of large
messages and the coordinator sent a lot of large messages (I see it from ClusterLocalNodeMetricsMXBeanImpl).
 Yes another observation is that the coordinator nodes off-heap usage was significantly higher
than that of the other nodes (100GB for coordinator versus 35-40GB for others). Why this huge

It doesn't seem like its any app data - seems like internal control messages of Ignite. Does
this symptom fit the bill of the issue Anton pointed to? If it is, what is the work around
for this issue?  Or what would help is, if you could help with explaining the minimal changes
I need to make to patch 2.7.5.  

If its not that issue, what else could it be?

From: user@ignite.apache.org At: 10/22/19 05:31:01Cc:  user@ignite.apache.org
Subject: Re: Pending Requests queue bloating


Yes, it can be a problem. Moreover, it is not advised using variable BinaryObject composition
since this may cause Ignite to track large number of object schemas, and their propagation
is a blocking operation.

It is recommended to put all non-essential/changing fields to Map.

Ilya Kasnacheev

пн, 21 окт. 2019 г. в 19:15, Abhishek Gupta (BLOOMBERG/ 731 LEX) <agupta726@bloomberg.net>:

I should have mentioned I'm using String->BinaryObject in my cache. My binary object itself
has a large number of field->value pairs (a few thousand). As I run my ingestion jobs using
datastreamers, depending on the job type some new fields might be added to the binary object
but eventually after all types of jobs have run atleast once, more new fields are rarely added
to the BinaryObjects. 

Could this be part of the issue I.e. Having large number of fields? Would it help with this
problem if I simply stored a Map of key-value pairs instead of a BinaryObject with a few thousand


From: user@ignite.apache.org At: 10/21/19 11:26:44To:  user@ignite.apache.org
Subject: RE: Pending Requests queue bloating

Thanks Anton for the response.  I'm using 2.7.5. I think you correctly identified the issue
- I do see MetadataUpdateProposedMessage objects inside. 
What is not very clear is what the trigger for this is, and what the work around is?  What
would help is, if you could help with explaining the minimal changes I need to make to patch
2.7.5.  Or work around it?   


From: user@ignite.apache.org At: 10/16/19 21:14:10To:  Abhishek Gupta (BLOOMBERG/ 731 LEX
) ,  user@ignite.apache.org
Subject: RE: Pending Requests queue bloating

First of all, what is the exact version/build that is being used?
I would say that it is hard to precisely identify what is the issue, knowing only retained
sizes of some objects, but there are several different assumptions that may have happened
with the cluster. And this queue is not cache entries inserted with data streamer, they don’t
fall into discovery RingMessageWorker as they don’t have to go across the whole server topology.
There are couple of issues in Ignite JIRA that are related to memory consumption in ServerImpl/ClientImpl,
but the one that might possibly fit is: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/IGNITE-11058
, because others might not be related to TcpDiscoveryCustomEventMessage class.
If you still have your heap dump available, check for the messages and data stored in these
custom messages, what kind of messages are there?
Since there are some large BinaryMetadata/Holder heap consumption, my guess would be that
there is something like MetadataUpdateProposedMessage inside, and here is another ticket that
might be useful to be checked for:
And the last thing, data streamer tuning points are described in the javadoc, check for perNodeParallelOperations
to do the throttling on the source side: https://ignite.apache.org/releases/latest/javadoc/org/apache/ignite/IgniteDataStreamer.html

From: Abhishek Gupta (BLOOMBERG/ 731 LEX)
Sent: Thursday, October 17, 2019 1:29 AM
To: user@ignite.apache.org
Subject: Pending Requests queue bloating

I'm using G1GC with 24G on each of the 6 nodes in my grid. I saw issue while ingesting large
amounts of data (using DataStreamers) today where the old gen kept bloating and GC pauses
kept going up until the point where the grid became unusable. Looking at the heap dump (attached)
of one of the nodes it seems like the Pending Messages queue kept bloating to the point where
the GC started to churn a lot. 


Questions - 

1. Given the only operation that were occurring on the grid at the time was ingestion using
datastreamer, is this queue basically of those messages?


2. What is the recommended solution to this problem? 

a. The CPU usage on the server was very low throughout, so what could be causing this queue
to bloat? (I'm not using any persistence) 

b. Is there a way to throttle these requests on the server such that the clients feel back
pressure and this queue doesn't fill up?


Anything else you can recommend?









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