Hi all,

We have MS SQL database server which contains all data. Our application will fetch some datas from database server and put them to the cache. And then, during 5-10 seconds we will do some updates to that objects and push that changes to ignite in-memory cache. And then, after 5-10 seconds we will take that changes and sync them will database as a bulk operation and then will clear that permanent storage. So, we need some permanent storage to store those updates for 5-10 seconds.
And actually, we will work at most with 100.000 entity.

The idea behind that flow is that we can't now scale DB and users already putting load to the database.

We can't decide whether we have to use Native Persistent or some another 3rd party database like Maria or PostgreSQL for storing that cache operations for 5-10 seconds.

Will Ignite works fast if we will use native persistent and clear the cache periodically?