is there any update on this?

We have not been able to resolve this issue

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On Wed, 04 Sep 2019 at 07:44, Pascoe Scholle <pascoescholletrash@gmail.com> wrote:

attached a small scala project. Just set the build path to src after building and compiling with sbt.

We want to execute processes that happen outside the JVM. These processes can be extremely memory intensive which is why I am limiting the
number of parallel jobs that can be executed on a machine.

I have one desktop that has a lot more memory available and can thus execute more jobs in parallel. As all jobs take roughly the same amount of time, this machine will have completed its jobs much faster. I want it to then take jobs from the nodes started on weaker machines once it has completed all its tasks.

Does that make sense?

Hope this helps.


On Tue, 3 Sep 2019 at 17:29, Andrei Aleksandrov <aealexsandrov@gmail.com> wrote:

Some remarks about job stealing SPI:

1)You have some nodes that can proceed the tasks of some compute job.
2)Tasks will be executed in public thread pool by default:
3)If some node thread pool is busy then some task of compute job can be
executed on other node.

In next cases it will not work:

1)In case if you choose specific node for your compute task
2)In case if you do affinity call (the same as above but node will be
choose by affinity mapping)

According to your case:

It's not clear for me what exactly you try to do. Possible job stealing
didn't work because of your weak node began executions of some tasks in
public pool but just do it longer then faster one.

Could you please share your full reproducer for investigation?


9/3/2019 1:43 PM, Pascoe Scholle пишет:
> HI there,
> I have asked this question, however I asked it under a different and
> resolved topic, so I posted the quest under a more suitable title. I
> hope thats ok
> We have tried to configure two compute server nodes one of which is
> running on a weaker machine. The node running on the more powerful
> machine always finished its tasks far before
> the weaker node and then sits idle.
> The node is not even sending a steal request, so I must have
> configured something wrong.
> I have attached the code for both nodes if you could kindly point out
> what I am missing , I would really appreciate it!