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From Stas Girkin <stas.gir...@gmail.com>
Subject Map Reduce over cache items, where values are sequences
Date Fri, 27 Sep 2019 14:58:57 GMT
Hello everyone,

I would like to use MapReduce over cache items representing events happened
in a process to calculate certain statistics. Could you be so kind to help
me how can I do that with apache ignite?

I have tens of millions of processes that happened in the past. The
processes look like a sequence of events [event1, event2, event3, ...
eventN], where number of events per process could vary (50-100). Every
event has certain sets of attributes like timestamp, event type, set of
metrics. I put these data to a cache as process_id => [e1, e2, e3, e4,
...]. What I would like to get is to get a histogram how often event of a
certain type happens in all the processes or processes that have certain
condition. What I managed to do is to broadcast a callable that lands on
ignite nodes and can access local cache items and counts what I want and
returns it back to the caller in K chunks which I have to aggregate on the

Ignite localIgnite = Ignition.localIgnite();
IgniteCache<String, MyProcess> localCache = localIgnite.cache("processes");
MyHistogram hist = new MyHistogram()
for (Cache.Entry<String, MyProcess> e : localCache.localEntries()) {
return hist;

The problem with the approach is it utilizes only a single core on the
ignite node, while I have 64. How could I do something similar in more
efficient manner?

thank you in advance.

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