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From spoutnik_be <spout...@skynet.be>
Subject Re: Ignite query performance with lots of joins
Date Fri, 13 Sep 2019 19:23:41 GMT
@Daniel Magda: following you comment on Stackoverflow, continuing the
discussion here.

This is most probably related to the number of joins, we'll evolve to a less
normalized model for querying from Ignite.

Couple of questions still remain:
- How many joins can Ignite/H2 handle without significant performance drop
(read something about H2 CBO out if more than 7 joins)?
- How to correctly interpret explain plan, especially with ANALYZE option
and its scanCount?
- Does order of query matters, Oracle CBO uses statistics to re-order joins
while this is not visible in H2 explain plans.

Any hints/info welcome ...


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