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From bijunathg <bijuna...@suntecgroup.com>
Subject Ignite transaction recovery on third-party persistence
Date Tue, 03 Sep 2019 11:36:29 GMT

We have strict transactional requirements to query and update some cached
data. Our queries are mostly SQL and so we fully load data at application
startup. Our cached data is huge so we use a partitioned cache for

Also for some BI applications, we need to write the data into an RDBMS
persistent store and make it available in a consistent manner. So we are
planning to use Ignite's write-through mode which updates both the DB and
cache atomically within an Ignite transaction. 

But while exploring the Ignite documentation on third-party persistence and
transaction management
looks like transaction failure & recovery scenarios (like DB write
successful, but cache commit failed) work only if Native persistence is
enabled. Since we need SQL queries, the read-through approach may not work,
as per our understanding.

Should we enable both Ignite native persistence for High availability and
third-party persistence for our BI requirements? Will this ensure that the
SQL query results are always consistent?


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