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From Denis Mekhanikov <dmekhani...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Exception handling for asynchronous backup
Date Fri, 30 Aug 2019 07:15:02 GMT

If the cache is transactional, then no inconsistencies are possible, since two-phase commit
guarantees, that all nodes have data records of the same version.

In case of an atomic cache, primary node failure can indeed lead to an inconsistency between
different versions of the same partitions.

There is a tool called idle_verify, that can validate consistency of data between nodes: https://apacheignite-tools.readme.io/docs/control-script#section-verification-of-partition-checksums
You can run it to find copies of the same partition with different state. After that restarting
the problematic node or iterating through all entries in the partitions and setting them again
will fix the consistency.
In case of enabled persistence you will need to remove problematic partitions from disk. If
you leave one copy, that you believe is valid, then it will be rebalanced to other nodes when
they are started again.

On 30 Aug 2019, 04:42 +0300, liyuj <18624049226@163.com>, wrote:
> Hi community,
> In the case of CacheWriteSynchronizationMode being asynchronous, if the
> asynchronous writing of data fails, leading to inconsistency between
> primary and backup data, what is the subsequent processing?

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