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From vitalys <vitaly.seliva...@prudential.com>
Subject RE: Running Ignite Cluster using Docker containers
Date Thu, 08 Aug 2019 18:00:34 GMT
Here is the problem. I can start one Server Node in the Docker container and
I can connect to that Node from my client application. However When I run
another Docker Containers they are not joining the Cluster. Here is an
example : 

Node 1 : 

docker run --rm --name myignite1 -p 47501:47500 -p 47101:47100 -p
10801:10800 -it myignite/ignite:1.0

[17:50:48] Topology snapshot [ver=1, locNode=d290d944, servers=1, clients=0,
state=INACTIVE, CPUs=2, offheap=0.39GB, heap=0.43GB]

Node 2 : 
docker run --rm --name myignite3 -p 47503:47500 -p 47103:47100 -p
10803:10800 -it myignite/ignite:1.0

[17:54:22] Topology snapshot [ver=1, locNode=fe47c5c7, servers=1, clients=0,
state=INACTIVE, CPUs=2, offheap=0.39GB, heap=0.43GB]


They Nodes can't discover one another. When I am starting my Nodes there is
no such issue since they are using the same Configuration where
TcpDiscoveryIpVmFimder is defined : 

  <property name="addresses">

So my question is : how do I make multiple nodes running in different Docker
Containers discover each other?

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