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From vitalys <vitaly.seliva...@prudential.com>
Subject Re: INSERT and MERGE statements
Date Mon, 08 Jul 2019 20:46:16 GMT
Hi, I have to follow-up. 

MERGE INTO works fine when I define matching fields between SOURCE and
DESTINATION caches. However, Merge command nullifies fields in the
DESTINATION table when they are not part of the SOURCE.

for Instance an object in cache DST has 3 fields : field1, field2, field3
with values :1,2,3
an object in cache SRC also has 3 fields : field2, field3, field4 with

When I MERGE an object from SRC cache with an Object in DST cache : 

MERGER INTO DST ( field2,field3,_key)
SELECT field2,field3,_key FROM SRC where _key = <somevalue> 

it updates fields : field2, field3 in DST cache to 2 and 3, but it also
updates field1 to NULL. 

How do I preserve an existing values in the Destionation cache. 

I did some research and it seems like MERGE INTO .... WHEN MATCHED ...
construct is not supported by Ignie.

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